mercredi 16 mars 2016

Blog Train March :)

We run this Blog Train again : Choo! Choo!!! (just click on the display of the freebie to access the download)[type]=&search[category]=60&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
 here is a new Challenge for March :

and enjoy all my shop on sales 35% until March 25th includes :[type]=98&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

What it's Blog-Train  you will ask ?

Well is a group of MMS Designers who had prepared each one a freebie regarding a color palette & that will change for every month. You will found the complete list linked to each designers place where you'll have access at each freebies !
That sound great right ? the Color Palette for March :[type]=108&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
 Let me just remember you about the fabulous software of MyMemories and now the new version is available, you can buy it by this link : and with using this code STMMMS25034 you'll save 10$ on your purchase.
   You'll found a lot of freebies and new goodies available everyday into the shop. and with the same code STMMMS25034 you'll also receive a 10% discount into MyMemories Photo Gifts store, where you can upload photos to create custom posters, mugs, metal prints, canvas wraps, phone cases, and more!
 Below is my participation. you can found my shop here. After that you'll found the complete list of all participants, with link access for all freebies on the same Color theme.
Have a great Blog Train for March
click here or on the display :

 Designer list: 

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  1. Thank-you for the Irish & all the other gifts. May you be blessed with the luck of the Irish throughout the year.

    1. Arww Thank you so much for these sweet words, may you be blessed too, have a great and green happy Irish Day :)

  2. This link brings up the February blog train kit.

    1. Please try it again I've tried all the link before and all work well, let me know if you don't get it. Have a beautiful day

    2. The angel wings are stunning!!! The charm is beautiful!!! The shamrock is lovely!!! The ribbon swirl is gorgeous!!! The papers are lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    3. Thanks you so much Mary for these comment so sweet I'm really happy you like it, and wish you a beautiful day :)

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