vendredi 29 avril 2016

Collection Connection and sales...

Hi everyone enjoy this great collection "potion & Poison" on MMS who is on sale 40% Off
and have a look in my complete shop where all is on sales 40% Off + use this code by copy/paste : STMMMS25034 if you look to buy the MMS software and save 10$ on your purchase or 10% into the MMS photo gift store.
Have a beautiful day :)

mardi 26 avril 2016

2$ Tuesday and News...

Hi everyone enjoy this Combo under 55% off for 2$ Tuesday (it will be this price until May 5th :)
And here are great news into my Zazzle shop where you can save 30% with this code APRILTSHIRTS on all T-shirt & Sweat-shirt until April 28th include
Have all a great day ;)

lundi 25 avril 2016

New freebie, Sales News & More

Hi everyone grab your freebie available until Sunday 1st May includes,  and if you look to buy the MMS software use this code by copy/paste : STMMMS25034 and save
10$ on your purchase :)
have a look on theses news
and enjoy all my MMS shop on sales until May 5th'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
use this code STMMMS25034 to save money on the purchase of the fabulous MMS software
+ have a look into my news collection on my Zazzle shop you can save 30% on all the T-shirt until April 28th with this Code promo : APRILTSHIRTS
Have a great Day :)

jeudi 21 avril 2016

News & Sales

Hi everyone today start a super sales on my MMS store all is 40% Off I wish you to enjoy :'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

And have a look on my news T-shirts on Zazzle :

lundi 18 avril 2016

2$ Tuesday and New Collection

Hi everyone today it's 2 $ Tuesday here is a great kit of Border for that price
This set is issue from the complete Collection "Baroque"
don't forget to grab the freebie issue from the same collection I wish you a great Day :)

STM Freebies !!!

Hi everyone grab your STM freebies available until April 24th include the 1st is part of my new collection "Baroque"

and here the 2nd You can use this code if you look to buy the MMS software to save money and receive a dreat gift coupon STMMMS25034. Have a beautiful day :)

samedi 16 avril 2016

Blog Train April !!!

We run this Blog Train again : Choo! Choo!!! (just click on the display of the freebie to access the download)[type]=&search[category]=60&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
Here is a new Challenge for March :

What it's Blog-Train  you will ask ?

Well is a group of MMS Designers who had prepared each one a freebie regarding a color palette & that will change for every month. You will found the complete list linked to each designers place where you'll have access at each freebies !
That sound great right ? the Color Palette for April :[type]=108&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
  Let me just remember you about the fabulous software of MyMemories and now the new version is available, you can buy it by this link : and with using this code STMMMS25034 you'll save 10$ on your purchase.
   You'll found a lot of freebies and new goodies available everyday into the shop. and with the same code STMMMS25034 you'll also receive a 10% discount into MyMemories Photo Gifts store, where you can upload photos to create custom posters, mugs, metal prints, canvas wraps, phone cases, and more!
 Below is my participation. you can found my shop here. After that you'll found the complete list of all participants, with link access for all freebies on the same Color theme.
Have a great Blog Train for March
click here or on the display :

 Designer list: 

mardi 12 avril 2016

New STM freebies and great cluster on sale :)

Hi everyone enjoy these 2 new STM freebie available until Sunday 17th include, and if you look to buy the MMS software use this code by copy/paste : STMMMS25034 and save
10$ on your purchase :)
and have a look on this new set of cluster you can catch them for only 2$ until 14th include  have a great day :)

jeudi 7 avril 2016

mercredi 6 avril 2016

Grab your Freebies !!!

Hi everyone Grab your 2 freebies available until April 10th includes :
And also have a look on my shop they are 45 freebies for you available with no limit time :)
here some examples :'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli