vendredi 27 novembre 2015

It's Black Friday !!! News, freebie and more...

Hi everyone, don't miss this sale, 40 % off the entire MMS shop'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
here a great new friday freebie available until December 3rd includes
and here the new version of the fabulous software MMS 7 available from today, many great news, you can use this code  STMMMS25034   to save 10 $ on your purchase enjoy it :) if you buy it now you'll also receive $10 to spend at the My Memories Designer Store!
30% off a photobook or photo gift order!
Plus get the 1st Month Free to the Design Club!

look what it's new here
have all a great day and a good Black Friday :)

jeudi 26 novembre 2015

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Hi everyone happy Thanksgiving to all, to celebrate all my MMS shop is on sale 35% Off'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
Here is news freebies for you available until November 29th includes, if you look to buy the MMS software you can save 10$ by copy & past this code STMMMS25034 , I wish you to enjoy and to have a great day :)

vendredi 20 novembre 2015

Friday Freebie and news

Hi all, here is an album done with Potion and Poison kit, it can be used for Halloween, but not only in Vintage style, you could re-use all the elements and paper for other project'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
And as I said yesterday, here is your Friday Freebie available until November 26th include have all a great day

jeudi 19 novembre 2015

News & Freebies

Hi everyone, in first I wish apologize my low contribution this month but in the moment I'm worry a lot by what happen last week in my Country, so it's the reason, I will try to finish better this month and please you all to accept my apologize again.
Here is news freebies for you available until November 22th includes, if you look to buy the MMS software you can save 10$ by copy & past this code STMMMS25034
and here a great new Photo book done by my great CT

it's also this new set of embellishments for you on my MMS shop. I wish you all to have a fabulous day, and come back tomorrow I'll have a new freebie for you :)

lundi 16 novembre 2015

Blog Train November

We run this Blog Train again : Choo! Choo!!! (just click on the display of the freebie to access the download)[type]=72&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
 the freebie I offer you this month is part of the collection "123 Rain" you can found here :
here is the new Challenge for November:

What it's Blog-Train  you will ask ?

Well is a group of MMS Designers who had prepared each one a freebie regarding a color palette & that will change for every month. You will found the complete list linked to each designers place where you'll have access at each freebies !
That sound great right ? the Color Palette for November :[type]=98&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

 Let me just remember you about the fabulous software of MyMemories and now the new version is available, you can buy it by this link : and with using this code STMMMS25034 you'll save 10$ on your purchase. 10$ in Voucher & a free Photobook.
 You'll found a lot of freebie and new goodies available everyday into the shop. and with the same code STMMMS25034 you'll also receive a 10% discount into MyMemories Photo Gifts store, where you can upload photos to create custom posters, mugs, metal prints, canvas wraps, phone cases, and more!
Below is my participation. you can found my shop here. After that you'll found the complete list of all participants, with link access for all freebies on the same Color theme.
Have a great Blog Train for November
  List of all Participant for this Blog Train :

vendredi 13 novembre 2015

Friday Freebies

Hi everyone don't miss your friday freebie available until November includes
here the Collection used for the freebie :
you can also save 10$ if you look to buy the MMS software or 10% Off if you want to buy some custom gift on the MMS gift shop, by copy/past this code : STMMMS25034
Have all a great day :)

dimanche 8 novembre 2015

DSD Sales

Hi everyone enjoy 50% Off my entire MMS shop until November 10th include to celebrate DSD Week End'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

here a new collection around he season theme[designer]=D262&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

Have all
a grood WE º♥º

mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Last day Sales & News

Hi all today is the last day to enjoy 40% Off into all my MMS store, don't miss it...'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
there are many news, here is one, this Cluster are done by my great CT using the last add on of "Dites le avec des Fleurs" Collection
I wish also show you the new kit you can found on the Charity shop to help save the Pangolin, I wish you a beautiful day :)

mardi 3 novembre 2015

2$ Tuesday & freebie

Hi Folks here is the 2$ Tuesday kit on MMS today
and all my MMS shop is on sales 40% off for 1 more day :)
here another freebie for you available until November 8th include, have all a great day.

lundi 2 novembre 2015

Sales, freebie & new Challenge for November

Hi everyone, is a new Challenge who start today just here :

today it's Monday mayhem I choose to show you this set of Word Art, who is 40% Off as all my MMS Shop:
and here a new freebie for you I wish you a great day :)