mardi 30 septembre 2014

2$ Tuesday Kit

Hi all Today is 2$ Tuesday kit on MMS many off my clusters are under that great price, here is one set for example :'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

lundi 29 septembre 2014

samedi 27 septembre 2014

Sale on my MMS shop

Hi all enjoy 35% off my entire shop on MMS I wish you a great WE


Hi all, in first I want apologize for that long week without news, I had some personnal problems that afffected me, then all is better now, what up in Digi World ? This WE is Heritage Collection on MMS and you will found all my shop off at 35 % I wish you a great Week-End :D[category]=99&search[designer]=D262&search[type]=98&sort_order=price+asc&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

samedi 20 septembre 2014

vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Friday Feature

Look my Sepia Flowers embellishments 66 elements for a good price :) I wish you a fantastic Day :D'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Collection Connection Thursday

Today for Collection Connection : Eternity look this complete Vintage Collection, I wish you all a great day :)'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

mercredi 17 septembre 2014

What New on Wednesday ?

Look the Great PB Back to School done by our CT available today :) I wish you a great day'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

mardi 16 septembre 2014

September Blog Train 2014

We run again for this Blog Train : Choo! Choo!!! (just click on the display to access the download)

What it's that you will ask ?

Well is a group of MMS Designers who had prepared each one a freebie regarding a theme and a color palette & that will change for every month. You will found the complete list linked to each designers place where you'll have access at each freebies !
That sound great right ? the theme of September is : Back to School !!!And you can found complete Bundles and kits around this theme here let me show you some display :)[type]=98&search[category]=64&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap'n'[type]=98&search[category]=64&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
Let me just remember you about the fabulous software of MyMemories, you can buy it by this link :
and with using my code STMMMS25034 you'll save 10$ on your purchase. 10$ in Voucher and a free Photobook.

You'll found a lot of freebie and new goodies available everyday into the shop.

For the last and not the least, don't forgot to have a look into MyMemories Blog, we have many great challenges who run every month, with great prize to grab :) here are my new challenges they are many freebies to grab & stamps for the "Loyalty Stamps Cards (all the rules for Loyalty cards are here):

-Fall Poetry

here is my participation, after that you'll found the complete list of participant, with link access.
Have a great Blog Train for September :D

List of all Participants:
  1. My Memories
  2. PattyB Scraps
  3. Becky's Creation
  4. Dee-Deelights
  5. ADB Designs
  6. Over the Fence
  7. Little Scraps of Heaven Designs
  8. Syrena's Scrap Art
  9. Snackpackgu's Designs
  10. Touched by a Butterfly
  11. Albums to Remember
  12. Dillie's Designs
  13. Dora's Digitals
  14. BenthaiCreations
  15. Happy ScrapArts
  16. Art for Scrapbooking
  17. Designs by Mandy King
  18. Carena's Designs
  19. Carolyn's Scrap Creations
  20. Kreations by Sparky
  21. Scrap'n'Design by Rv MacSouli        YOU ARE HERE
  22. Scraps4Charity
  23. Jen Wright
  24. MagsGraphics
  25. WinksArt Graphics
  26. Autumn Owl Designs
  27. Sara's Creative Adventures
  28. ArianneGrafX
  29.  QueenBrat Digital Design
  30. Craftberry Tree

2$ Tuesday Kit

Hi All today it's 2$ Tuesday on MMS and all the 4Roses Cluster are at that good price I wish you a great Day :)[type]=73&search[category]=68&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

lundi 15 septembre 2014

Monday Mayhem

Today for Monday Mayhem :  Bundle Back to School 02 and enjoy 40% off on my entire store :) I wish you a great Monday'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

samedi 13 septembre 2014

Saturday Collection

Hi all today Saturday Collection :"Animal & Pet" on MMS have a look all my album kit and pb are here just click on the display below :) I wish you a great day and a good WE :D[type]=&search[category]=49&search[designer]=D262&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Collection Connection Bubblibo

Collection Connection Today : "Bubblibo" Sweet and soft color, with a smell of magic and all on sale 40 % off I wish you a great evening

mercredi 10 septembre 2014

New kit on MMS Shop

What's new on Wednesday on my MMS shop for only 1.79$ I wish you a great evening :)

mardi 9 septembre 2014

2$ Tuesday Kit

Hi everyone, today it's 2$ Tuesday kit on MM you'll found many of my product at this price in my entire shop here, but I want to show you those news Clusters they are all under this price :) I wish you a great Tuesday :D[type]=73&search[category]=64&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

samedi 6 septembre 2014

Saturday Connection Word Art Design :)

Hi everyone today on MM is Saturday Collection around Word Art here the link to some of our WA and Street Art Design i hope you will enjoy them and I wish you a Great Saturday :)[type]=98&search[category]=114&search[designer]=D262/?r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

To make this Layout I use :

In the Past Alpha
Street Art Combo 01
Mia Street Combo 03
I love Tattoo Embellishments
Street Art Alpha 01
Street Art love Combo Pack
Birth Combo Pack

vendredi 5 septembre 2014

Friday Feature

Hi everyone one today I show you this great set of Cluster done by my CT I hope you'll like and all my shop is on sale 40 % off I wish you a great Day :)'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Collection Connection Back To School

Hi every one Today Collection Connection is Back To School and all is on Sale 40 % Off I wish you a great Day :)[type]=&search[category]=64&search[designer]=D262&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Wednsday News

I've a new Sweet Animal Kit today and is on sale 40% off :D'n'Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

New Challenge for September

Hi everyone my new challenge for September is available, click below and take it if you like it I wish you a great day :)

mardi 2 septembre 2014

STM Freebie September 2th to September 7th

Grag yours STM Freebie available for limited time just click on the display to claim them :)

Honey Pot September Scrappy Bee

Here our first participation at the Honey Pot of Scrappy Bee all the Kit on Harvest September presented on that special section are at 1$ for a limited time, I hope you'll enjoy my part and I wish you a great Honey Pot :)

2$ Tuesday Kit on MMS

Hi all today all the Cluster presented on the display are at 2$ I wish you a great Day :)[type]=73&search[category]=53&search[designer]=D262&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli

Blog Train for August is Finish, Grab your new Freebie :)

Hi all, The Blog Train for August is now finish you will found this new freebie on place and I run again the next Blog Train who will start the 16th of September. I wish you a great Tuesday and I hope you'll enjoy the new freebie :)