mardi 9 juin 2015

News & STM Freebies

Hi all, here 3 new sections into my CafePress shop all about Pangolins, where all the commissions will be reverse to :

 Here another new sections for all Dog Lovers & for all fans of Roller Coaster :
 For Mymemories all my combo are on sale 50 % Off Until June 11th include :[type]=72&search[category]=&search[designer]=D262&r=Scrap%27n%27Design_by_Rv_MacSouli
 and here is my last Photobook who's also on sale 45% Off :

and here you can grab your 2 STM freebie available until Sunday 14th of June with the discount code STMMMS25034 with which you can save money on the purchase of the software & on the MMS on the gift shop of MMS, I wish you to enjoy theses great news and to have a fabulous Day :)

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