lundi 12 octobre 2015

2$ Tuesday, STM freebies, news Collection and promocode

Hi everyone today I wish show you the complete collection Potion & Poison, can be used for Halloween, your wizard layout, and all your Vintages pages.
here a freebie around the collection available Until Thursday 15th include
Today it's 2$ Tuesday you will found the 2 set of cluster of the collection for only 1.50$

Don't miss your STM freebies available until October 18th include :

and here a great promo code STMMMS25034 You look to found a great Scrapbooking software, this code will make save you 10$ + 10$ to start your shopping & a free photobook. Or you want to offer a Custom Gift to someone you Love, you can save 10% of your order, with the same CODE  for both copy  and past the code before the validation of you order. I wish you a beautiful day

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